Photo I’m a developer and software architect with more than 25 years of experience in the business. My first computer was the Atari 800XL, where I have collected my first programming skills in the assembler language because all other languages have been unusable for large projects on this platform.

After that I have moved on the PC platform, where I have experience with Windows and Linux system administration and programming.

In the last decade I’m focusing on network security, Windows networking system and Windows Network Drivers development.

In the past I worked for the AVG, well known antivirus company, where I led design and development of the AVG Firewall component.

At present I live in Brno, Czech Republic, where I work for the AVAST Software – company which develop popular AVAST! antivirus solution. Here I’m responsible for the network traffic WFP based driver filtering solution.

If you can contact me, please use the e-mail:

Some of my projects are hosted on the GiHub here: Maybe you can find here something useful.

To verify integrity of my important files or to send me an encrypted message, please use this PGP key.

You can also obtain the key from PGP Key Servers with

ID:  4C568D6E;  Fingerprint: AD95 C2CB C31B A1DE 01CF 8023 91B1 D978 4C56 8D6E

Do not forget to prepend the hex prefix before ID if you use the ID instead of my name for lookup.

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