• Encrypted Linux Dedicated Server or VPS

    A month ago I have discovered new world of cheap dedicated servers. If you hear a term "Dedicated Server" you probably imagine powerful machine located in a data-center and with price around $60/month or more. But nowadays you can rent something less expensive, from $6 to $15, with 0.5-1TB drive and unlimited traffic. It is ideal solution for personal data warehouse, own e-mail server f course nowadays (especially after Snowden affair) security of stored data is important. Secured lines and encryption is now essential. But because you do not have a physical access to the server encryption can be difficult because you have to "unlock" encrypted container during boot and it is usually done by typing password on the server physical console or by a dongle inserted to the server. Nothing from that is possible with remote access only.. But several days ago I found great idea how to solve this problem on the Internet. The Encrypted Linux Dedicated Server with drive unlocked remotely by SSH temporary login. I tried to configure my server and it works flawlessly!

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